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3rd December 2018







Red, blue and white.
Work in progress.



27th November 2018



Small drawings:
Autumn Fruit no3 2018 and Autumn Fruit no4 2018





Delivery to the Belgrave Gallery
and a visit to the Tate St Ives



19th November 2018




Russian Dolls for Art on a Postcard
Art Car Boot Fair


13th November 2018




Secret Postcard Auction
Art on a Postcard



8th October 2018



Geometric abstracts



4th October 2018



Wonder reflected



1st October 2018






26th - 30th September 2018


Vision 2018 161 x 130 cms

Affordable Art Fair
New York City
Edgar Modern



26th September 2018


'Two Close' 2018 80 x 110 cms


An excerpt from the Sarah Wiseman Gallery late September newsletter...

"Peter Lanyon's series of paintings of the St Just district from the 1950s were central to
Henrietta Dubrey's solo exhibition 'Genius Loci'. Lanyon felt he had a physical and emotional connection to this place,
having been born here, and Henrietta Dubrey, living and working in this same area of Cornwall,
wanted to explore the landscape that they share.
Read on to learn more about the influence of Peter Lanyon on Henrietta Dubrey's work for 'Genius Loci'..."


Henrietta Dubrey |Genius Loci

A Painterly Response by Henrietta Dubrey to works by Peter Lanyon.

Until 6th October.

By sharing the same stretch of Cornish coast, contemporary painter Henrietta Dubrey has found a kindred soul in the modern British artist Peter Lanyon. Although separated by decades, the two artists are each moved by their surrounding landscape and a particular affection for the stretch of coast between St Ives and Land's End. In his centenary year, Henrietta Dubrey has been excited by the idea of 'the possibility of creating, in my own painting language a series of paintings based upon my experience of living and working in the particular place that so many of Lanyon's iconic images depict.'

It is important to emphasise the significance of Peter Lanyon's legacy and relevance not only to Cornwall, but to British Modern art. Peter Lanyon was a key member of the St Ives Group, alongside Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Patrick Heron and Roger Hilton among others. Lanyon was the only native Cornishman, with the other artists in the group having migrated from London following the outbreak of the second world war. His connection to the landscape was deep, reaching the subterranean worlds of the tin mines to the skies above. His paintings are made from many differing perspectives. Lanyon understood that our response to landscape is psychological as well as physical. As such his paintings are multi-layered constructions, with intersecting shapes and marks:

'He made quick paintings using a notational system of dabs, squiggles, drips and lines, not necessarily recording the appearance of a location but rather through spatial order, rhythm and repetition representing a feeling of a place,' says Henrietta.

'Peter Lanyon, the most Cornish of all these [St Ives Group Artists] seemed more particularly connected to the immediate landscape, abstracting it in a wonderfully expressive and gestural manner,' says Henrietta Dubrey.

For her own response, Henrietta has looked to Cornwall's ancient landscape through Peter Lanyon's eyes, whilst tuned in to her own understanding and deep affection for the landscape. She takes in not only the irresistible beauty of the coast, but its pock-marked scruff from the old tin-mines, its sea ravaged and worn ancient walk-ways and 'slithery mud'.



14th to 16th September 2018







Breeze Art Fair in the grounds of Trereife House just outside Penzance, Cornwall.



13th September 2018




The eve before 'Breeze'. 

New drawings to frame, specially for Georgia Stoneman Fine Art.



9th September 2018




Open Doors Oxford. 

The Blavatnik School of Government - coupled with 35mm film print from 'Genius Loci'.  Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford.



8th September 2018



An excerpt from the Sarah Wiseman Gallery September newsletter...

Art collectors can play a vital part in an artists's career.
Henrietta Dubrey's work is in many important private collections,
read more about Jeremy Mogford's interest in Henrietta Dubrey's work over the years...


Henrietta Dubrey | Genius Loci  

A Painterly Response by Henrietta Dubrey to works by Peter Lanyon

Until 6th October

There are a myriad of motivations behind purchasing art but the most experienced collectors often cite that artists open up new ways of looking at the world. Art allows them to engage with ideas that they find personally rewarding and purchasing an artwork connects them with something that enrich their lives. Owning art is therefore a form of very personal self-expression and many of us delight in sharing a deeper version of ourselves through our art collections.

Many serious art collectors follow artists' careers, purchasing artworks at different points, from significant gallery exhibitions or at times of new developments in their practice. Perhaps first coming across their work in early exhibitions when just out of art college, seeing something in their work that resonate and spark an interest and curiosity in what they will achieve next. An art collector can in this way act as a supporter of an artist, to encourage creation and be a vital part of an artist's journey alongside their gallery relationship.

Jeremy Mogford, owner of Gee's, the Old Bank Hotel, Quod, the Old Parsonage Hotel, and his wife Hilary have been avid art collectors for well over 40 years. Their strong interest is evident from the many artworks that line the walls of these beloved Oxford establishments. The couple first came across Henrietta Dubrey's work in one of her first solo exhibitions in the 1990's:

"Her refreshing abstract style struck an immediate chord and I'm pretty sure we bought more than twelve of her wonderful paintings there and then."

They have continued to buy Henrietta's paintings over the years and her works have found their place throughout their house and into many of the Old Bank Hotel bedrooms. For example, if you are staying in Room 1 at the hotel you can enjoy the painting 'The Bassin', a large abstract piece in muted olive green, rusty pink and black from an early stage in Henrietta Dubrey's career.

Mr. Mogford kindly agreed to write the introduction to the 'Genius Loci' exhibition catalogue which seems fitting as the exhibition represents an important body of work in Henrietta' practice, a defined, extensively researched project marking the centenary of Peter Lanyon's birth, exploring connections with his paintings of Cornwall and Henrietta's experience of the landscape.



8th September 2018


















Preparing for the opening of 'Genius Loci' at Sarah Wiseman Gallery in Oxford.



5th September 2018



With 'Cape Couple' in the studio, earlier in the summer.  The painting is at this moment being hung ready for the opening
of 'Genius Loci' at Sarah Wiseman Gallery in Oxford this coming Saturday.



3rd July 2018





Studio visit.
Sarah Wiseman (left) comes to Cornwall to see the work for 'Genius Loci' in September.



26th June 2018









Studio photos from April to June giving a glimpse of the progress of 'Genius Loci'
ahead of the opening of my solo exhibition at Sarah Wiseman Gallery in September 2018



8th June 2018




Pan and the Dream

Issue 2

La Belle et la Bête




8th June 2018



The following text is taken from the exhibitions page of Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford



A painterly response by Henrietta Dubrey to works by Peter Lanyon

8 September - 6 October 2018

Sarah Wiseman Gallery is proud to present Genius Loci, an exciting new solo show by one of the U.K's premier contemporary artists, Henrietta Dubrey.

Responding to the works of British painter Peter Lanyon (1918-1964) Henrietta will centre the exhibition around the landscape of Cornwall, namely the stretch of coast between St Ives and Lands End, where she now lives and works, and where Peter Lanyon lived and died.

Henrietta Dubrey's paintings oscillate between figurative elements and abstraction. Semi-autobiographical, Henrietta's paintings are recognisable by their bold lines and shapes that form a 'gestural web'.
Peter Lanyon is one of the most highly regarded British modern painters and was a key artist in the St Ives Group. His works explored the Cornish landscape, with a particular interest in abstraction. He is perhaps most famous for taking up gliding, the aerial views of the landscape informing his later paintings.

As Henrietta explains, 'It is the centenary of the birth of Peter Lanyon. I thought it would be exciting to explore the possible connections with some of the paintings that he made of the area immediately surrounding where I live.'

'The paintings I intend to make will, most probably be abstract in nature and all be a direct response to his technique, subject matter and location. I have always admired Lanyon's work and would like to use this as an opportunity to engage more fully with his paintings and those of other painters who have worked in this beautiful yet rugged landscape running from St Ives to Lands End.'

Graduating from the Royal Academy Schools in 1992, Henrietta Dubrey's paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at the Royal Academy Summer exhibition, and are in notable private collections such as DeBeers and the Mogford group. She has exhibited with Sarah Wiseman Gallery since 2015 with paintings exhibited in the group shows 'Line and Surface' in 2016 and 'Identities' in 2017, an exhibition profiling the work of contemporary women artists. This will be her first solo exhibition with Sarah Wiseman Gallery.



21st May 2018






21st May 2018



Patrick Heron at Tate St Ives

19 May until 30 September 2018



29th April 2018








25th April 2018






22nd April 2018



Petal fall



21st April 2018







8th April 2018



Spring sun - Sea, Vesuvius



3rd April 2018




Swizzle sticks from Cannes



1st April 2018



Signing - Limited edition 'Backstage' prints



30th March 2018






24th March 2018



Still life



22nd March 2018






The printmakers workshop



17th March 2018



Framed screen print of 'Balance'.

This is a hand made silk screen print (not a giclee print),
made by professional print maker David D'Silva
who has several decades of experience in the medium, in his
workshop in St Just to the west of Penzance in Cornwall, U.K..
It has over twenty 'separations', which means the same number of
'pulls' or layers of ink each requiring careful analysis of the colours
in the painting, hence not all layers cover the entire print,
and is a process which itself requires a true artist's eye.

The edition is limited to 50, signed and numbered by the artist, with 2 artist's proofs (shown above).

Image size is 42 cms h x 29 cms w.

The print is available from Edgar Modern in Bath, U.K., either unframed
(paper size 57 x 42 cms), price £245.00,
or framed as shown above which is 63 x 50 cms, price £295.00.



14th March 2018



A trip to London including a visit to the Lanyon exhibition at
Hazlitt Holland-Hibbert in St James's.
Peter Lanyon in the window.



6th March 2018











A winter walk on the cliff top between Botallack and Levant.
Information and inspiration towards the solo exhibition 'Genius Loci' in September in Oxford.



15th January 2018



Advert announcing 'NUDE'
Royal Academy Magazine



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