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15th November 2016



Art on a Postcard Private View
Maddox Gallery London



14th-16th November 2016






9th November 2016



In the studio: 'Cruz'



4th November 2016




A muse and 'Herself'



1st November 2016



In the studio



23rd October 2016



In the studio



9th October 2016



Paintings ready to leave for Edgar Modern in Bath



1st October 2016



In the studio



29th September 2016



In the studio



28th September 2016



In the studio



21st September 2016



In the studio



18th September 2016



In the studio



31st August 2016



Lynne Strover selecting work for the
Cambidge Art Fair



26th August 2016



In the studio



25th August 2016





In the studio



24th August 2016



In the studio



4th August 2016



In the studio



3rd August 2016



In the studio



2nd August 2016



In the studio



1st August 2016



In the studio



28th July 2016



In the studio



7th June 2016



Black Sheep at the Belgrave St Ives



6th June 2016


Henrietta Dubrey  California Dreamin'  2016  110 x 80 cms


California Dreamin'

New paintings off to AAF Hampstead
with Edgar Modern



6th June 2016



In the studio



3rd June 2016



In the studio



31st May 2016



In the studio



30th May 2016



In the studio



12th May 2016



In the studio



9th May 2016



In the studio



19th March 2016






























Private View of solo exhibition 'ABSTRACT' at Edgar Modern in Bath




14th March 2016





Studio visit from Josie choosing work for her

20th Anniversary Exhibition at Josie Eastwood Fine Art   23 - 29 April 2016



12th February 2016




Art for Cure    29 April - 2 May



12th February 2016



'Bisous Chaton' #bemyvalentine

henrietta.dubrey now on #instagram for a more sideways view on life



11th February 2016



'Chamois Blue'

Upcoming:   Affordable Art Fair  New York City    Edgar Modern   30 March - 3 April



10th February 2016




Upcoming:    Solo exhibition "Abstract"    Edgar Modern    17-31 March



8th February 2016




'Generation' and 'Manon'

Upcoming:    Affordable Art Fair Battersea   10-13 March   



7th February 2016




'Go See' and  'Exposed'

Upcoming:   Écriture Féminine    Edgar Modern   20 February - 5 March



6th February 2016



'Gnossienne no.3'

MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY   Belgrave St Ives    6-29 February



1st February 2016








Love is in the air, and with this in mind some ideas for Valentine's Day



1st February 2016



Advert for the Royal Academy Magazine 
Spring 2016



31st January 2016



'Downland' 2015 21 x 14 cms


Spring Collection:

Six paintings chosen by Lynne Strover
for her Cambridge Gallery, following her recent studio visit.

The following is an extract of the 'blog entry on her website.


When Lynne visited me in Cornwall just after Christmas, I was delighted when she spotted a series of small canvases on my studio window sill.

The art dealer Larry Aldrich (1906 to 2001) might have deemed them "suitcase paintings" i.e. those that could fit in his suitcase. This was indeed the title of an exhibition held in Chicago in October 2008 of small-scale Abstract Expressionism.

Abstract Expressionist paintings are often thought of as large scale and holding iconic presence, but as Robert Motherwell quoted, "It's possible to paint a monumental picture that's only ten inches wide, if one has a sense of scale, which is very different from a sense of size."

This small group of four abstract paintings were sitting quietly and yet formed their own focal point, their own dialogue through their physical size, palette and gestural mark making. The viewer has to peer into their interiors, exploring the bold brush strokes made on a minute scale, compared to those in my larger works. The smaller paintings have to be compact, tight and economic in their language.

When one looks at reproductions of paintings in photographs or on a computer screen it is often difficult to tell their size and one often imagines the scale of the work differently. Many a time I find people are surprised when they see my paintings in the flesh, exclaiming, "Oh! I quite thought that painting was tiny," or, "Wouldn't it be amazing if you did that on a larger canvas."

Such is the excitement of working on different scales, the small paintings are glimpses or snapshots of what is going on elsewhere in the studio. Small studies that become objects in their own right, demanding a presence of their own.

The titles come sometime after completion, with these four abstracts suggesting coastal and especially Sussex landscape. The chalky white and grey reminiscent of the English Channel, and 'Skylark' speaking to me of listening to their shrill melodious song whilst walking high on the ridge of the South Downs.

'Reine' and 'Soho Kitten' in contrast have emerged as part of an ongoing series of the imagined figure and the characters one can conjure up in paint.

Henrietta Dubrey

January 2016




29th January 2016



Exploring Écriture Féminine at Edgar Modern    20 February - 5 March



28th January 2016




Upcoming Exhibition at Edgar Modern



25th January 2016



Set of 'Wild Women' greetings cards produced

by the Quite Delightful Project



20th January 2016




 London Art Fair   20-24 January   Edgar Modern



9th January 2016




From "Lands End to John O'Groats"   9 January - 6 February    Edgar Modern



5th January 2016







5th January 2016



Self portrait



5th January 2016




Sketchbook thoughts and Tokyo Showers at Edgar Moden



5th January 2016


Mural  2015  161 x 130 cms


Mural 2015

Announcing solo exhibition at Edgar Modern


17-31 March 2016



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