An archive of paintings by British artist Henrietta Dubrey

I work in a quite quiet space, although there is family around, and there are always distractions in my generally creative world.  I work with what I feel is a good degree of integrity, and enjoy the work of others and freely admit to taking inspiration from work I appreciate, and regard this as an entirely healthy aspect to my practice.

With regard to integrity, I feel this comes from a number of areas.  I only paint in oils, on canvas which I stretch and otherwise prepare myself.  My stretchers and framing are made in my own workshop by my assistant.  I have mentioned the influence of others, and from that I aspire to take that and other inputs much further, through having something measurable to say in the way I use the paint, and in what I have to say through my marks, whether figurative or abstract.

On these archive pages you will find paintings I have made over the last decade or so, a general range of work from recent years. 
This is work which for some reason interests me, or which I feel perhaps best represents me.

My work for sale can be seen on my gallery websites.  A list of these is available on the 'Exhibitions' page on this website.   All sales are made via these galleries.

To contact me by e-mail, please use the link here.

photo: gavin hicks

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