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5th November 2015



In the studio - work in progress - nights drawing in



30th October 2015




Two autumn solo shows at Chapel Place Gallery

Above: 2015 'Open House'
Below: 2014 'Abstraction - New Paintings from Cornwall'



30th October 2015



Private View of 'Open House'  31st October - 12th December 2015
at Chapel Place Gallery
Tunbridge Wells



30th October 2015

















27th October 2015



fiftydrawings2 for my solo show at Chapel Place Gallery  Tunbridge Wells
50 small mixed media works on paper



29th September 2015









Life and Arts.

Painting and Inspiration.

The Subconscious Mind at Work.

Three paintings (from top) 'In the Pool', 'Memo' and 'Guest', summer 2015,
are juxtaposed with images from magazines that I found subsequent to the completion of the paintings.

My subconscious mind imbibing multifarious sources - glossy images - has conjured these compositions as a response to today's
cultural identity - current thinking and state of affairs.
My mind is feeding, making connections, and completing the story.  Full circle.
Absorption, creation, confirmation.

Photo credits:
Juergen Teller for LV Girls  Pop Magazine no 33 A/W 15
Juergen Teller for Vivienne Westwood in iD Magazine Pre-Fall 2015
Venetia Scott  Pop Magazine no 33 A/W 15



18th September 2015





The benefits of delivering work to Lynne Strover in St Ives (for her gallery in Cambridge)
Barbara Hepworth museum always an inspiration



11th September 2015



Ella Merryweather in AnOther Magazine AW15


In the studio - AnOther Magazine



18th - 20th June 2015



















London trip



14th June 2015






13th June 2015





Ongoing projects



12th June 2015





Paint and poppy pink



10th June 2015


Dive in    Hampstead ponds



7th June 2015







6th June 2015





Ads and flowers



5th June 2015










4th June 2015








Tate    RA    Travel



3rd June 2015



Studio portrait    Summer work



29th May 2015




Ongoing series



28th May 2015




Methods and muse
Kate Moss  Mario Sorrenti  1992



27th May 2015






26th May 2015






24th May 2015



Preparing for AAF New York



23rd May 2015








22nd May 2015







21st May 2015



Arum and a lily



19th May 2015



Garden bouquet



18th May 2015



States of mind



17th May 2015




Spring clean



14th May 2015






13th May 2015




Greys and brights



12th May 2015




More wildness in the studio
Illustration is from Keiichi Tanaami's take on Esprit Dior Tokyo 15   Wonderland Magazine   Summer 2015



11th May 2015



Elle Decoration Country volume six



9th May 2015







8th May 2015






5th May 2015






Studio perspectives



3rd May 2015



Portrait in progess



2nd May 2015



Soft wildness



1st May 2015




 Sketchbook girls



30th April 2015





Studio shots



29th April 2015




AAF Hampstead promotion appearing



28th April 2015



'Ma Jolie' appearing



26th April 2015






24th April 2015



Quite Delightful digital postcard to promote inclusion of my work in Issue 2...  'Quite Lovely'



21st April 2015






20th April 2015



Studio days



19th April 2015



New reading



18th April 2015




One of my favourite pictures of artists, 'Lunch at the Locanda Montin in Venice, Easter 1968',
photo William Scott Archive
and 'Heidi and Pierrot' by Geoffroy de Boismenu



16th April 2015




Inspiration     After Jerwood



14th April 2015




Black and white     Work in progress



13th April 2015





Studio    Prussia Cove



12th April 2015



Brighton and Lewes



11th April 2015





















NOA call for entries    Hastings   Jerwood Gallery   Chantal Joffe and Rose Wylie



10th April 2015



West Bay and Hove



9th April 2015




House and Garden featuring 'Tinder Box' and Aesthetic ditty



5th April 2015






2nd April 2015




AAF tickets announced    St Ives    Lollapalooza



1st April 2015



Director invests in a Bevy of Beauties



30th March 2015



'Rough Deluxe' catalogue



28th March 2015



Private View at Edgar Modern Bath

'Rough Deluxe: Sweet Candy and Wild Women'



25th March 2015



Late night framing



23rd March 2015



Extra for 'Rough Deluxe'



20th March 2015






11th March 2015



Rebel in progress



5th & 6th March 2015


Culture burst : 24 hours in London
Underground : tube : buildings
Grime, smell : evocative : London streets
Katy Moran : Parasol Unit : Victoria Miro
Sarah Lucas, grey, dust
Chicken fingers, geometric
Juxtaposition, colour + form
Selfridges : windows.
Wealth of magazines
Galleries, Davies Street
Gimpel Fils, Gagosian
Smoking area, Sartorialist
Luc Tuymans  David Zwirner
Alexander McQueen
Another Magazine
Luca at Paul Smith
Domino Room. Marlborough
Ken Kiff. Alexander Wang
Victoria Beckham
Marlene Dumas  Tate Modern
Postcard Heaven
Whitechapel Art Gallery.  late
night open. Adventures of
the Black Square








22nd February 2015


Advertisements : ROUGH DELUXE
White tulips, purple tulips
Hockney. Celia Birtwell
Collage, sculptural shape
Richard Serra. The call
of seagulls - childhood holidays
St Ives.  Roof tops
First flat in Hove
Colours : lipsticks : titles
Quotes, snippets,
Gurus : colour : inspiration
New beginnings.













Rough Deluxe ideas in progress



15th January 2015



Poem: Title Exploration



14th January 2015



Stella Schnabel photographed by Juergen Teller for Vivienne Westwood AW14/15



12th January 2015



Wild Women



10th January 2015




Studio shots from late 2014



7th January 2015




Wild Woman, Sweet Candy

In progress



6th January 2015



Detail of a Wild Woman



5th January 2015



Ideas gathering over time for solo exhibition...

S Magazine  March 2014  

Photos from the studio May 2014



1st January 2015



Announcing solo exhibition at Edgar Modern



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