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17th December 2013

Christmas wrapping.



17th December 2013

Christmas cards.



13th & 14th December 2013

Christmas windows, London.

1. Margaret Howell

2. Paul Smith



11th December 2013

Thinking of 'Egg' and 'Bicerin' at Edgar Modern, hanging side by side
 at the Private View of 'Fifteen New Paintings' on 13th July, the hottest day of 2013!



10th December 2013

Vintage Prada on the Conran Shop 'blog. 
How twenty five years flies by!



9th December 2013


General Comments on the Titling of Paintings

Almost always a painting’s title is added only upon completion. I would say that only ten per cent of the time do I begin with a title, and see that name stay with the painting to its fruition.

I enjoy the process of finding out what the painting is saying to me, and as the instigator and maker rather than the viewer, or client, I find they reveal many hidden layers of episodes, incidents or emotions of which I may not be fully aware that I have absorbed, and this process of titling is a fascinating exercise in which to explore this aspect of ‘how’ and ‘why’ I paint. Things are brought to light, revelations and ideas emerge from trying to decipher why I have made certain decisions or marks, and chosen particular colours. My paintings are very direct, intuitively made and highly autobiographical. I let the paint ‘speak’ to me as I work. Much time is spent just looking, and thinking. Reverie; until the conclusion finally presents itself.



15th November 2013 

Twilight behind Tate Britain.



15th November 2013

Five painters at Tate Britain - ‘Painting Now - Five Contemporary Artists’.

Another show I would recommend, along with the rehang at Tate Britain is ‘Painting Now - Five Contemporary Artists’; a chance to see painting in the flesh. Whether you like it or not, it is here, given space, to be taken seriously, and demanding time for consideration.  I was especially keen to see the work of Tomma Abts and also that of Simon Ling, having read a fascinating interview in the Financial Times the week before between Ling and Chris Ofili. I was strangely drawn to Gillian Carnegie’s haunting, monochromatic canvases.



14th November 2013

'Raw Truth  Auerbach–Rembrandt' at ORDOVAS

I feel very privileged to have seen ’Raw Truth Auerbach–Rembrandt’ at ORDOVAS which continues to 1st December 2013.
This privately run gallery deals in the best of twentieth century and contemporary art with a museum quality exhibition programme.

Upon entering into this intimate space and relatively small exhibition I was struck by the profundity of the paintings and etchings on display. Six Auerbach paintings are interspersed with two paintings and two etchings by Rembrandt. Auerbach’s modern, impastoed compositions are steeped in the tradition of the Old Masters.

Both artists built rich surfaces which required hours of intense observation and painting. The combination of the two artists' work is quite mind-blowing.



14th November 2013

Hauser and Wirth ‘Re-View: Onnasch Collection’

It is only occasionally that I get to London. Long lists of ‘to do’ exhibitions gather in the back of sketch/note books. As I turned the corner into the top of Saville Row to visit ORDOVAS ‘Raw Truth’ exhibition, I noticed Hauser and Wirth opposite, and diverted momentarily across the street to marvel at the imposingly modern gallery windows.

I’m finding it difficult to put into words the sheer joy of stumbling across this exhibition. Upon entering the monastic emptiness and silent space I turned my eyes away from what was to come, and found myself in front of Cy Twombly’s large 1960 ‘Leda and the Swan’ in oil, chalk and crayon on canvas. This painting, I think, is what it is all about. I get this. It is an intrinsically ‘real’, honest and great painting. So rarely does one experience such utter admiration. Understanding painting as a painter is a great privilege. The subtle nuances of this canvas with its seemingly childlike scribbles cut deep into the psyche.

More followed in all their Abstract Expressionist glory; Morris Louis, Kenneth Noland and more of Reinhard Onnasch’s truly wonderful collection.



14th November 2013

Corinne Day at Gimpel Fils: ‘May the Circle Remain Unbroken’.

Half way down Dering Street is Gimpel Fils, a modern cube-like space with a clean glass frontage. The exhibition of Corinne Day’s photographs can be seen in its entirety from the street, and peering to the back of the gallery a big screen shows film footage of music videos and life in her Brewer Street flat made by her partner Mark Szaszy.

Consistent in their size, these intimate early portraits by Day capture a circle of friends at the beginning of their careers/adult lives, and portray an evocative and raw truth amongst these comrades upon which Szaszy based the tile of this show, even though Day is no longer here. ‘May the Circle Remain Unbroken’ refers to the continuing lives of these people.



30th October 2013

October inspiration... Isherwood, Bachardy, Hockney, Heron.



19th October 2013

'Soft Touch'  2013  91 x 115 cms              'Autumnal Blue'  2013  32 x 21 cms

Autumn Exhibition starts at Shirley Crowther Art in Ditchling, Sussex.

I am showing six new paintings in this mixed show, which continues until 2nd November. The gallery specialises in paintings,
primarily abstract work, and ceramics, and was set up in 2004 in the former workshop of the late Sir Frank Brangwyn,
named ‘The Jointure Studios’.  It is situated in the picturesque heart of Ditchling at the foot of the Sussex Downs.
The space is intimate, domestic and atmospheric, with its distinguished history.  Shirley has a good eye and represents
 an eclectic group of artists.

After I graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 1992 I was based in Brighton.  My main gallery at that time was
The Star Galley in Lewes, run by Pat and Mike Cooper.  It is my hope that by showing with Shirley in Sussex 
 I can renew old contacts and make new connections with the Sussex scene.



18th October 2013

'Django'  2013  130 x 105 cms

Autumn Exhibition at Josie Eastwood Fine Art  18th - 25th October 2013.

I have been showing with Josie Eastwood for three years now.  Based in Hampshire, the exhibitions she holds are hung around
 the house and in a series of barn conversions with the intention of showing the work in a more relaxed and eclectic environment.  Between
 exhibitions Josie Eastwood is happy to undertake visits to clients’ homes to and advise them on the right piece for their home.

 “Our aim is to find a painting of true merit, that will stand the test of time and enhance the room it is in.”



12th October 2013

Emerging pink.



4th October 2013

Experiments in minimalism; 'Open' and 'Equilibrium' in the studio.



1st October 2013

'Coup' in progress, and yellow chair.



24th September 2013

Glimpses of the September studio...



13th September 2013

New arrivals...



13th September 2013

Garage Magazine Fall/Winter 2013 - 'Showdown' 2012



10th September 2013

Tucked away in Kinnerton Street, Belgravia: Egg.


Soho Original Bookshop.


Delicatessens - Old Compton Street.


Piccadilly Circus.

These photos all taken in April 2013.



6th September 2013

'Tropezien' in the kitchen.



1st September 2013

At the Tinners Arms, Zennor.



28th August 2013

Late summer pelargonium.



28th August 2013

Bright accents.



26th August 2013

In the studio 23rd & 26th August.



26th August 2013




15th August 2013

Complementary characters.  'Tuscan Dream' and 'Blind Date'.



31st July 2013

The heat of summer, in a haze... work in progress...



21st July 2013

Summer interview in Urban Coco magazine....



19th July 2013




17th July 2013

'Tropezien' finished.



16th July 2013

Review: Henrietta Dubrey

Arts editor Joe Meldrum chats to artist Henrietta Dubrey as he takes in her new show,
Fifteen New Paintings
, at the Edgar Modern Gallery.

"Henrietta Dubrey’s latest show, Fifteen New Paintings, is an abstract and refined take on daily life.
Seeking to reach a simplified and pure ideal, her artwork slips towards pure abstraction.
Blocky, flat colours create Rothkoesque harmonies on the canvases, and her later, more simplified works
are a sometimes spartan item, a marriage of space, tone and colour."  Read more in Thunk Magazine...



13th July 2013

Ariel, Rhia and Sophie and 'Winter Song' at the HOT (30°!) Private View of
Fifteen New Paintings at Edgar Modern in Bath.



8th July 2013

The Hamptons as they looked in 1983; cool style. 
Photograph by John Swannell.



7th July 2013

'Repose' will be hung at Art Hamptons 11 -14 July 2013.



29th June 2013

Movement afoot...



25th June 2013

Tranquil twilight in Penzance as the midsummer
Golowan Festival kicks off!



21st June 2013

Wimbledon starts on Monday!



17th June 2013

Work in progress - midsummer 2013.


Prunella Clough.



10th June 2013

'Fifteen New Paintings' will be previewed from Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th June
at the Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, Edgar Modern Gallery, Stand H7.

    ‘Context’ 2013

"'Hive' and 'Context' were the first to appear, the pared-downness not quite achieved.
The inspiration for these paintings was conceived during an IMS (International Musicians Seminar)
 Prussia Cove concert on a cold winter’s night in Paul church (near Penzance).
As the music played, my mind drifted and the ideas configured.
The next morning in the studio, the compositions began to emerge instinctively,
the particular ‘T’ shape and its dot repeating down the canvasses,
which were worked on simultaneously.
The works which followed these, pared down further the dark strong lines on these first paintings,
creating grid like shapes, defining areas of canvas."
(Text taken from artist's statement on the Edgar Modern website)


     ‘Hive’ 2013



8th June 2013

'Boscean' in the artist's kitchen... framed and ready to go.



7th June 2013

Gavin Hicks - Truleigh - Henrietta Dubrey



6th June 2013

Brilliant red pelargonium... summer is here!



5th June 2013

Spontaneous convergent evolution - Dubrey/Richard Kern



23rd May 2013

Work in progress... new figurative pieces...



22nd May 2013

'Integrated'-Ilfracombe conjunction. 

Strangely, 'Integrated' predates my recent visit to Ilfracombe,
where by chance I took this photograph... serendipity.

  Proposed painting for upcoming Summer Exhibition at Lynne Strover's Gallery, Cambridge.



20th May 2013

'Sleep' 2013
One of 'Fifteen New Paintings' at Edgar Modern in Bath (12 - 27 July) which will be previewed
at the Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead; 13 - 16 June.  Stand H7.



19th May 2013

'Quick Dip' 2011 - homage to Karl Weschke and Bob Carlos Clarke.



18th May 2013

Sharing identities - 'Festival Goer' 2012 and Eva Green from Toner Magazine.



17th May 2013

'Valentine Girl' 2013 and her muse, Kelsie Moody, photographed by Dusdin Condren.



16th May 2013

The next step.



11th May 2013

New! - Archive pages of photos placed on my Twitter Feed 



8th May 2013

'Seeing is Believing' is hanging today, opening tomorrow at
20/21 International Art Fair at the Royal College of Art, London.
9 - 12 May 2013.



7th May 2013

Debut - First eight photos from my Twitter feed.




2nd May 2013

'Blue' 2012

Getting work ready for 20/21 International Art Fair at the Royal College of Art, London,
9 - 12 May 2013.



1st May 2013


'Seeing Red' 2013 and 'Chocolatier' 2013
are featured in GQ's 'Wonderwall',
Tatler's 'Exclusive Interiors' and House and Garden's 'Art and Soul'.
June 2013 editions.



30th April 2013

Keep up to date with me on Twitter!



17th April 2013

'Absolutely' and 'Farm', two of my paintings now on show at
 Stoneman Gallery, Orchard Flower Farm, Madron, Penzance.



10th April 2013

Out of the ether...



8th April 2013

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6th April 2013

'Echoing Green' can be seen in the new May '13 edition of Vogue magazine,
in the 'luxurious Living' feature on p.259.
A fantastic edition as we approach summer, it features Beyonce and Kate Moss, and photography by Paolo Roversi and
Mario Testino!



21st March 2013

The first day of spring...

Cornish daffodils in front of 'Mural Accent'.



14th March 2013

A detail from Alasdair McLellan's photo of Karlina Caune from 'Self Service' S/S 2012,
in conversation with a work in progress.



8th March 2013

'Serendipity'  2012  97 x 175 cms

 'Serendipity' is featured in the Vintage vs Contemporary feature
 in the April edition of UK Vogue magazine, p307,
and is exhibited at Battersea with Edgar Modern Gallery.



7th February 2013

'Fille'  2012  90 x 61 cms

A sartorial influence...



6th February 2013

The March issue of UK 'Vogue' magazine is out today!
'Touch and Go' is illustrated in the 'Wall of Fame' feature on page 407, and is now on show at Edgar Modern in Bath.


'Touch and Go'  2012  130 x 105 cms




2nd February 2013

Cambridge Gallery Lynne Strover carries off the first painting of the year, for the second year running!
This time in 2012 she took 'Boulevarde', and today she loaded 'Autumn Rhythm' into her car ready for her trip home from Cornwall next week.


'Autumn Rhythm'  2013  41 x 55 cms




15th January 2013


     Coffee break in the studio...




14th January 2013

London Art Fair, Business Design Centre, Islington
16th - 20th January
Edgar Modern Gallery  Stand G28


'Catena'  2012  86 x 242 cms




10th January 2013

'Heads and Tails'
10th January - 23rd February at Edgar Modern Gallery, Bath

A selection of my recent figurative work in a mixed show in the gallery.



1st January 2013

'Absolutely' online magazine, Wimbledon, January edition.
Article on ex-students from Wimbledon College of Art.
A clipping from page 16....

View the magazine here on 'ISSUU'



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